AN OPEN LETTER TO CHURCHILL ALEMAO!!! From Joaozinho da S.F.A. Martins*



Dear Churchill-Bab!  

Remember Me? The last time I met you is when you humbled yourself to come to see me at my home in Orlim, Goa. You came to seek my support for your Candidature to contest from the Benaulim Constituency. My spontaneous response was to ask you whether you ever took the trouble to seek feedback from the people as to why they refused to elect you to power at the last elections. You quickly retorted that the Church in Goa failed you by exhorting its laity not to vote for the Congress Candidates. And, I told you that if the Church did exhort, obviously it was because the Congress Government then in power was corrupt.

And now, you want the Benaulim Constituency to elect you. So, to woo the Voters, you have a special set of promises. You humbly request the people to support you “ … in Bringing Sustainable and Overall Development to make Benaulim Constituency a Much Better Place to Live In.” I am puzzled as to how you plan to bring about sustainable and overall development to make Benaulim Constituency a better place to live in. This sounds ludicrous seeing that you have not yet done anything even to oppose the plans of the Rahejas Universals Ltd. to erect concrete jungles in Carmona. And as long as we let concrete jungles to grow in any Goan village, any promise to develop a much better place to live in will remain a myth.

You now talk of restricting the inner roads to six meters wide; yet, when you were PWD Minister, you yourself had given written instructions to the PWD to acquire land for widening the existing 3 meters to 10 meters wide access and facilitate construction of concrete jungles in Carmona. And, when that seemed impossible, your Government then in power allowed fraudsters to fraudulently amend the Land and Building Construction Regulations of 2008 thereby making it easy for the Rahejas to get Construction License. As such, your promise to make Benaulim Constituency a better place to live in isn’t convincing at all. And this “fragment of truth” will hurt you and your supporters, perhaps.

Anyway, you don’t have to work hard to woo the voters to win the elections 2017. The other Candidates in the Benaulim Constituency, intentionally or unintentionally, are doing their best to help you win by letting the votes get divided amongst them; hopefully, your vote bank will remain intact, and your success, perhaps, sure. 

But, Victory at the Elections should not be your ultimate goal, per se.

Listen! You and I were schoolmates at St. Mary’s High School, Varca. Inauspicious circumstances compelled you to drop out of the school and take up the mantle for a decent living even before completing your High School. In course of time, you were a self-made man. Your love of Sports won you public admiration all over Goa. You fought for Konkani at all costs and won the battle. Your struggle earned you people’s love and you became their political hero. You contested then, and won; you toppled the then Rane Government to become the first ever Catholic Chief Minister of Goa.  And, subsequently,  you became Sports / PWD Minister, MP and so on. On the other hand, those highly educated in Goa have not yet accomplished as much, politically, even as you did. But, you allowed your political success to end up in political excess. And so, the People of Navelim Constituency lost faith in you and rejected you at the last elections.

To win back people’s support and give you now another golden opportunity to serve the Benaulim Constituency or Goa, you will have to openly declare war against the Builders’ Lobby in Goa, starting with the Raheja Universals Ltd in Carmona. But that you should have done long, long before; if you do it now, it will be interpreted as an eye-wash only to earn people’s lost support and win the Elections.

Churchill-Bab, the only way you can earn support and trust, is by getting involved with the people at the grass-root levels and help; not so much to restore your lost political glory but people’s lost love and trust, and shine as a hero who cares as a servant of the people, whether by being in the Government or from the outside of it when defeated. Then, and only then, God will restore your lost glory! My prayers are with you for a bright, clean political career, or otherwise!



Joaozinho da S. F. A. Martins


*The Author is a free-lance Christian Writer from Sambatty, Orlim, Salcete, Goa

*Phone: 9975941068; eMail ID:




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